The Truth About Writers and Authors

For years there has been an intense debate over what is the difference between an author and a writer. While many feel there isn’t a difference between the two; others believe there’s a major difference between them both. states, “The difference between the two groups boils down to this: Authors are self-oriented, while writers are service-oriented”.  Meanwhile, Robert Charles Lee says, “there’s no practical difference between author and writer. We could qualify the two words as a published or unpublished author or writer”.

I am both an author and a writer. I feel authors are people who have published or are working have their written pieces published.  I believe writers are more than just people who write to become published. There are writers who write to keep their writings private. There are writers who write to inspire others; writers who write music, speeches, lesson plans, screen plays, and the list goes on.  It is important to remember neither the author nor the writer is better than the other.  The world is in need of both.

Here are some topics that authors and writers would love you to know.

1) Just because we write for a living Does Not mean we are perfect spellers and we use perfect grammar all the time.

We write because of our passion not because we have “mastered” writing. Before our books or our pieces are published they are edited and proofread several times. Bless our poor Editors’ souls.

2) If a writer/author happens to share their work with you, please be honored.

Sharing something so close to your heart can be scary. When authors/writers share their work with the world we become vulnerable. Before you tear our work up with criticism, please remember how much courage it took for someone to share their inner most thoughts with the world. Thoughts that will be publicly immortalize, thoughts that cannot be taken back once they are publishes.

3) We love compliments and constructive criticism.

Don’t just tell an author or writer that you loved or didn’t care for their work; Explain why or why not. We understand that each person will interpret our work differently. We love to hear what you experienced while reading, watching, or listening to one of our pieces, even if it’s not favorable.  Just don’t be mean when explaining your thoughts to us.

4) Every writer and author needs reviews.

Telling us how great our book was is wonderful, but we would like the rest of the world to know how wonderful our work is.  Our goal is to reach as many people as possible so we can help motivate, share our stories, or take them away from reality to a make believe land far far away. 4/5 ratings are great but text reviews goes a long way.

5) Please don’t compare our work to others.

Remember, each author and writer is different. We may have similarities to others but our talents are unique. Our works are like our children and saying our work is identical to another person’s work is a huge bummer. It’s totally fine to say our work “reminds” you of a classic, but please don’t tell us that our work is “just like” any other work; even a classic.

6) Recommend our work to other people.

Tell others about our work and what you experienced when you read it. Tell them to check the work out for themselves. You will get kudos when they come back and tell you how much they enjoyed the book you recommended. We all live for the moment of, “I told you so”, when someone is excited about reading or seeing something you’ve suggested to them. Don’t deprive yourself of this feeling by not recommend our work.



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