New Year’s Goals

The New Year is fast approaching and everyone’s making last minute resolutions for the New Year. We at 4-U-Nique Publishing do not make resolutions, we make goals. One of our goals for 2017 is to expand. We are going to add more editors, book designers, and staff.  We are going to market more, which means we will use Social Media more. We will have more guest bloggers and blog even more. We will host more contest and be at more book signings and book fairs.  “More” is what we are aiming for if you haven’t got it by now. Our mission has always been to help other’s make their dreams come true by bringing their stories to the world.

Over the last year we’ve had the pleasure to work with dozens of writers and providing them with publishing services. We’ve had the opportunity to publish a few books through our company. This is in no way a small feat. 4-U-Nique Publishing has only been in existence since April 2015, a little more than a year and a half. Our biggest goal going into 2017 is to publish at least 30 high quality books through our company. To many this may some like an impossible goal, but if you know anything about our founder/owner and author, Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr, then you know he will not stop until he makes the impossible become a reality.

Here’s to yours and ours success. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years. May you achieve all your goals in 2017.



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