Author Spotlight: Kevin Bates



4-U-Nique:   What or who helped you decide to become an author?

Kevin Bates:  What made me want to become an author was the response to my poetry on a website. Many reviewed my poetry and told me how happy it made them feel and I should my poetry in a book. I wanted to write poetry and share with people.

4UN:   Who or what motivates you to write?

KB:  What I am motivated by most is reading; if I am reading books or more poetry and surrounding myself with words. If I ever need to be inspired I go to youtube and I listen to Nikki Giovanni. Her voice and words always causes me to write. My pastor & his wife, Apostle David Roberson & Prophetess Wanda Roberson, are great teachers in the word of the Lord and how it affects life.

4UN:  Interesting! Nikki Giovanni is also an inspiration of author, Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr.

Please, Describe your writing style for those who are not familiar with your work.

KB:  My writing style in poetry has change over the years. It used to be story telling. In poetry it took too long to get to a point. Now it is more short lines to make it move faster; always with emotion to make it stronger. My emotions, at times make writing hard when dealing with certain subjects.

4UN:  Will you tell our audience about your upcoming book Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty?

KB:  Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty, is a book that has been with me since I wrote my first book. It’s a book of poetry about social injustice, black history, and about growing up in the 70’s on the back-end of the fighting of the generations before me. Accepting who I am and believing, “Black is Beautiful and we are somebody as a strong race.”

A strong book on family love, how family makes you stronger and a better person. It shows us, how as a race and family you can start from the bottom then you can stand with a raised fist and say now we are here and not going anyway. Through God anything is possible.

4UN:  What will readers get out of Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty?

KB:  The readers will get a strong feeling of family, love, and black pride. Not pride of sin; pride of love and acceptance.  Readers will get an understanding that social injustice has been around for a long time, is still here and there is a lot still to do about it.

4UN:   What are your other goals and aspirations? Do you have another book in the works?

KB:  I am always writing and continue to want to share and inspire people. I am working on other books. I believe this book being one of poetry can reach and help a lot of people, being a book that speaks on injustice. I wish for these words to reach people all over the world.

4UN:  Can share with our readers the process you took to publish your book and any tips you have for those looking to publish their work?

KB:  For my book Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty, I started out looking for a cover for my book; I had my work done, I just did not have the cover. I found 4-U-Nique Publishing who did covers but after just reading about the owner and how he started, I became more interested in them publishing my book. I was still unsure and I had a few questions. I spoke with a young lady who then put me in touch with a great guy who was the owner of the company(Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr.). I enjoyed hearing what we could do together and what they wanted to do for me. So it was 4-U-Nique-Publishing to do my book.

My tips are: When going through the publishing process it helps to have an outline for the publisher like, 4-U-Nique Publishing.

Have someone or a company, who is working to help you grow.  They can help you achieve your goal and you have an understanding with them.

Book cover is a major key.  Come up with an unique cover to catch the readers eye. This will encourage them to pick up the book and read a few pages and they will purchase your book.

The title is just as important as the cover for books.  You want them to see your title and say what is this about. Then when they pick the book up, the cover holds their attention and the synopsis holds their attention, then they buy your book.

If you book is edited some before you get it to the publisher it’ll help get your book out quicker.

4UN:  Do you have any upcoming events that people can attend?

KB:  I have an upcoming event in Houston, TX at the end of October. 27-29, which is The National Black Book Festival.

4UN:  Where are people most likely to see your works at? Social Media? Open Mics?

KB:  People are most likely to see my work on social media and my website( Yet, I need to find more ways to reach more people.

4UN:  You can follow Kevin on Twitter: @Kevin_W_Bates

Friend him on Facebook: Kevin Bates

Thank you Kevin for your time and we look forward to follow you on your road to success.


Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty. Available at your favorite retailer in Print and Ebook on October 10th

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